This Week @ PacSet: Happy New Year!

明けましておめでとう御座います!(Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu) - HAPPY NEW YEAR! Or as the cool kids like to say, “Ake Ome.” It sounds like “ah-kay oh-may.” Feel free to toss a lot of “AYYY” on that last syllable to add extra flavor.


Animated Spring 2019 Final Invoice Delays

We decided to spend our holiday migrating a bunch of data and e-mail between servers, because that’s what responsible people do. Unfortunately, there is a LOT of data - and we don’t really want to send out the final invoices for Animated Spring until everything is done because we don’t want your info vanishing into the internet ether. Once the transition is done and we run a test, invoices will go out and the deadline will be a week later. Sorry for the inconvenience, friends. ;_;


Thursday, 1/10: PACSET AT ANIME LOS ANGELES: PacSet’s own Evan Miller will be hosting a panel about Japan Travel at Noon at the Ontario Doubletree Lake Arrowhead Room. If you are at ALA and have your badge that early, come on out and listen to Evan say cool stuff about visiting Japan!

JAPAN HOLIDAY 2019 FINAL PRICES GO OUT: Yup, this is happening today too. If you want to get that sweet sweet SpotHolder discount, it’s time to jump on it.


Pawprint Pathways is almost closed! If you want to see tons of cute animals and explore Japan in cherry blossom season, this is your LAST chance!


Thank you all for bearing with us as we continue to play catch up. <3

We’ll see you all next week!