GO ALONE, or go with a group. either way, JAPAN IS BETTER when you

Travel Among Friends


Experience Japan Your Way.

We are a team of Japan travel experts with one simple philosophy: whether you travel with a group or by yourself, a visit to Japan should be tailored to you, not a list of "must-sees" generated by the internet. From our options for private travelers to our remarkably flexible guided Adventures, you’ll get an experience that showcases what makes Japan special and why it’s way more than what you might be expecting.



Pack a little experience into that suitcase! We’ll help you plan your trip, design an experience, arrange full trips, or just check your own itinerary to make sure you’re good to go. Our Private Travel options are affordable too, starting at just $60! That’s right - sixty bucks.


Adventures: Don’t Call it a Tour.

We believe that going to Japan with a guide doesn’t have to mean you’re tied down. With more free time to do your own thing, a solo-traveler-friendly atmosphere, and the most creative itineraries in the business, PacSet’s Adventures will change how you see “group travel” forever.


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Best vacation I have ever been on. The freedom you have to do as much or as little with the group was nice. It felt more like traveling with friends than a ‘tour’ group.
— - Kevin, Japan Holiday 2017
I’m glad a company like this exists, where the guides know how to do their job, but also have fun... Because of this, PacSet makes it very easy to come alone or with someone else and still feel comfortable.
— – Alan, Animated 2016

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If you want to experience Japan but are nervous about details, don't be. The PacSet crew are so focused on every person on their trip having a positive experience. Traveling with family in the best sense of the phrase!