100 Years of Yuri 2019

NOTE: The itinerary you see here is subject to adjustments and changes at the discretion of the guides (if needed).


DAY 1-2: Arrive and AcclImate

Upon arrival in Japan, we’ll head to our hotel and settle in. That evening, join your fellow travelers for a trip out to dinner to fight off jet lag and get a feel for the city.

Day 3: Yuri In Bloom

Welcome to Tokyo! In the morning, we’ll head to Ueno Park to have a little breakfast and meet our traveling companions. Then it’s off to the Yayoi-Yumeji Museum to learn more about the history of Yuri and its influence on modern Japanese literature and art. After a stop at the adorable Character Street at Tokyo Station, we’ll head to Ikebukuro to shop the famous Yuribu and the massive, eight-story Animate outlet so you can shop for all manner of goodies to take home!



Day 4: Fashionably Balanced

We begin our day at Meiji Jingu Shrine, Tokyo’s iconic forest shrine dedicated to the Meiji Emperor. After making wishes and taking in the sights, we’ll head to Harajuku, Tokyo’s new center of all that is hip. Shop for kitschy souvenirs, fashions, or just wander the aisles of one of Japan’s largest “100 Yen” stores searching for fun stuff to bring home! Then we head to Shibuya, where music stores and street art create one of Japan’s most vibrant urban collages. Along the way, we’ll stop off at cute cafes, intriguing museums, and other odd-yet-wonderful spots. :)

Day 5: Kamakura and the Resort

Pack your bags - we’re off to Shonan! Today we’ll begin at the Yoshiya Nobuko House, the home to one of the pioneers of modern Japanese literature and lesbian character representation. We’ll also visit the majestic Hase Temple, where you can see the famous wooden Kannon goddess and explore the temple’s network of caves.

Ready to kick back? We’ll check into our resort after the temple, and from there you have a choice: explore Enoshima a little early, or relax in the waters of the hot spring before everyone else gets there! After a fancy dinner, hit the springs (maybe for the second time) before we gather for a true PacSet tradition: the Onsen Party!



Day 6: Enoshima and the hikawa Festival!

In the morning, we’ll have a little down time before we head out to explore more of Enoshima and its many fantastic views. Then we return to Tokyo and begin a trip to two Hikawa Shrines. The first: Azabu Hikawa Shrine, also known as the inspiration for Rei’s shrine in Sailor Moon. Ready for the main event? We’ll move to Akasaka Hikawa, where we’ll join the locals to snack on festival food and watch shrine floats weave through the streets of Tokyo!

Day 7: Saturday Shinjuku

Today, we begin with another stop for the Yuri historian: Shinjuku’s Hanazono Shrine. After lunch in the area, we’ll head to Nakano Broadway to shop Tokyo’s legendary attic of anime fandom. That night, take it easy at the hotel or join your guides for an optional trip to Odaiba to check out TeamLab’s gotta-see-it-to-believe-it art exhibit, “Borderless.”

Day 8: Freedom!

Today is a free day in Tokyo for you to do ask you like! Your guides will be on hand to help with any directions or help you need.



Day 9: Girl’s LOve Fest + Party!

Welcome to the future of Yuri! Today we will join local Yuri fans for the doujinshi sales event Girl’s Love Fest, where you can pick up manga and goods you won’t find anywhere else! After socializing and shopping, we head to the anime fan paradise of Akihabara! Here, you can hit the second Yuribu in Tokyo, test your crane game skills in the arcades, or just explore. That night, we’ll gather for a goodbye party at a local izakaya!

Day 10: Return home ;_;

Return home and tell your friends how much fun you had!