Luggage policy


(REVISED JANUARY 2019) We’ll be honest: Luggage is one of the biggest problems that tourists in Japan have. In fact, it’s become one of the biggest problems the locals have with us. All of the images in the banner below were taken from news reports about the “surge” in tourists crowding trains and public spaces with their luggage - that is how much Japan dislikes our huge bags.

Our new luggage policy is designed for two purposes: to help you be a good guest, while also maximizing how much you can bring with you on your trip.



On every guided adventure, we provide:

  • FREE shipping of one bag between two hotels (or from a hotel to the airport)

  • Designated laundry sites and stops during every trip, so our guests can do laundry.

  • Certain trips that include a lot of shopping also include extra bag shipping from the first hotel to the airport. This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Animated Spring

    • Gamer Heaven

    • Anime De-Tour

    • Autumn in the City

  • The trips listed above are best for guests with large bags.

PacSet’s luggage policy is simple: you are responsible for all the bags you bring. We strongly suggest that all of your bags be a medium size or smaller, regardless of the trip. See the size guide here for details.


For all of our trips, we strongly suggest:

  • 1 Medium-Sized (“Rollaboard” size, but a little larger is okay) bag

  • 1 Personal Item, such as a laptop bag, backpack, or purse

  • Another medium-sized bag for shoppers, OR a collapsible/duffel bag that you can pack in your suitcase and take out as needed.


About Large Bags

Restrictions and rules for large bags

If you decide to bring a large bag, the following rules will apply:

  1. You are solely responsible for the care of your bag. Due to the potential for injury, PacSet staff will NOT help you carry your large bag. Other guests should not be asked to help either. Should your bag cause injury to another guest or staff, you will be responsible for any injuries incurred. And yes - that has happened.

  2. There is no storage for large bags on trains in Japan. You will be required to sit with the bag on your lap if there is not room in the rear of the train for storage.

  3. Boarding of trains must not be impeded by your bag. Previous guests with large bags have been scolded by local police for this.

  4. If your bag is deemed a nuisance, you will be asked to ship it. Any costs borne from this will be your responsibility.


Many train stations in Japan – including MANY in Tokyo – do not have escalators, and elevators are small. Likewise, trains do not have space for large bags or offer checked bag services; they have overhead racks. These racks can handle medium bags just fine, which is why we strongly suggest you bring 1-2 of those instead of the large bags because they’ll actually fit.

In other words: just bring two medium bags instead of that giant one.

Wait a second - people from Japan bring their large suitcases here! What gives?

When people in Japan go abroad, they ship their large bags to the airport before they go. This is why we offer the same service. ^_^

Free Bag Shipping Service!

Ship your stuff!

New in 2019: As a tie-in with Japan’s New “Hands Free Travel” initiative, on ANY PacSet Guided Adventure, you can ship one suitcase ahead to a future destination at no extra charge! Ship some purchases ahead to the airport, save your back from a little pain during a train trip, or just make room for more goodies.


  • Notify your guide before 5PM that you would like to ship a bag.

  • We’ll check your bag and ship it off to your next destination, or the airport, the same night. Please have your stuff packed and ready to go by the time your guides pass around turndown treats.

  • Some deliveries can be done by the next day, but in some cases it may take two days; make sure you have enough clothes to last you for that time!

  • Due to the large volume of bags shipped to the airport, all bags going to Haneda, Narita, Kansai, Itami, New Chitose/Sapporo or Centrair/Nagoya Airports must be submitted three days before your flight.

  • You WILL be able to access all your luggage before your flight. So yes, you’ll be able to shift stuff between your bags if needed.