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This Week @ PacSet: Kippu Leaves the House + New Trip!

We’re in Tokyo this week! It is humid and hot, but we’re chugging water and making the best of the time. :) You may want to pity Evan though, since he’s spending this week wandering through half of Tokyo for the 2019 re-work of our shopping guide. Burn those calories, Evan!


Since we think he hasn’t been working hard enough, this Tuesday we’re sending Kippu out to do a little exploring for the good of the team. If you aren’t following our Twitter, you’ll want to start - because Kippu might need a little help. ;)


NTT is back! This Thursday, we’ll be dropping a new 2020 Adventure onto your schedules. If you were following us at Anime Expo, you already know what this is. The rest of you, well… stay tuned.


Monday: Best of Japan Wraps Up
Tuesday: Kippu begins his journey…
Thursday: New Trip Thursday

This Week @ PacSet: If Food is the Language of Love, Play On

Hey all! Here’s what’s on tap this week…

Tuesday, Feb. 12-Friday, Feb. 15: PacSet Food Battle!

All this week, we’ll be asking our Instagram and Twitter followers to decide between two Japan specialties each and every day. Pick the most delicious looking of the bunch, ask your friends, and let’s talk it out! We don’t want it to become a fight per se… but we aren’t responsible if it does. <3

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 14 @5PM: The PacSet LiveStream Cooking Show @

That’s right, we’re making Valentine’s Day Dinner on the INTERNET. Are you ready? I certainly hope you are. Join Evan as he whips up some traditional Oyakodon and takes your questions. We apologize in advance for the Valentine’s Day puns.

That’s it! Have a good week everyone!

Weekly UpdateEvan Miller
This Week @ PacSet: Housekeeping!

Hi everyone!

It’ll be another quiet week from us as we catch up on invoices and prep for Animated Spring and Pawprint Pathways. A few things of note:

  1. We’re hoping to have an LA Info Meetup near the end of the month! Details to come. :)

  2. Our next livestream will be next week on Valentine’s Day. Oooh.

  3. Only one month left to jump on Taste of Shikoku Kyushu!

That’s it! Back to work for us…

Weekly UpdateEvan Miller
This Week @ PacSet: New Trip Announcement + KYUSHU WEEK!


[cough] Sorry. We’re just a little hyper today.

As you saw earlier today, Kyushu Week has been announced and it’s happening NOW! It’s a great awesome thing and we hope you like it as much as we do.

You can get $50 off both Taste of Shikoku Kyushu AND Kyushu Hideaways this week! Both trips are confirmed to depart, so if you’ve been waiting, now’s the time to jump on it!

We will be running contests every day this week with Kyushu-related riddles EVERY DAY on our bevy of social media platforms, so follow us if you haven’t yet!

Here’s what else we have on tap…

MONDAY, JANUARY 28: Everyone on Animated Spring, Pawprint Pathways, and Taste of Shikoku Kyushu will hear from us today as we launch our first ever series of pre-trip courses. Hawt.

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 30: Check out PacSet’s Pinterest as we drop our brand new Kyushu-themed board. Images! Pixels! Wow!


We will be announcing a brand new trip today, and let me tell you guys - it’s going to be a huge announcement. We’ve been working with some friends behind the scenes on a new trip for September 2019, and we’ll be unveiling it during this week’s big Livestream. Tune in on TWITCH this Thursday, January 31 at 5PM for all the details.

And that’s it! Happy Kyushu Week, everyone!

-Evan and Kippu

Weekly UpdateEvan Miller
This Week @ PacSet: Kalm Before the Kyushu

You know those weeks where tons of stuff happens? We’ve got announcements, promotions, and a whole lot of other stuff and it’s crazy?

That is not this week. Sorry guys!

This is our full on prep week for Animated Spring (and to a small part, Pawprint Pathways - hey, you can still sign up!) so if you are going on those trips, you’ll hear from us a lot. If you aren’t you…. won’t. BUT:

Next week we’ll be holding a little promotion called Kyushu Week! You can win stuff, get discounts on Kyushu Hideaways and Taste of Shikoku Kyushu, and more! More about that on Monday.

We’ve updated our Luggage Policy and we expect people to have lots of questions, so if you do, please don’t hesitate to e-mail or call.

Also: we’ll be announcing a new trip on Thursday, January 31 during our Livestream! If you’re not following us on Twitch, go do that and join us Thursday, January 31 at 5PM PST/8PM EST for the announcement of our next big adventure.

As for us, we’re heading back to the inbox to follow up with all of our travelers. Stay tuned for more announcements on Monday!

Weekly UpdateEvan Miller
This Week @ PacSet: Check (the) Bag
Look at how pretty this is. Yeah, you want to see this.

Look at how pretty this is. Yeah, you want to see this.

Hi everyone! Before I get to this week’s schedule, a quick word:

Japan Holiday 2019 has a price now! The SpotHolder price has held. Join us for the best darn holiday tour in Japan this December for just $2,795. That’s right - an awesome trip to Kobe, Kyoto, Osaka, and Tokyo for 12 days/10 nights for just $2,795. BAM. If we had a mic, we’d drop it. Actually we do have a mic, but we will refrain from dropping it. It makes that really loud WHEEEEEEEEE sound when you do, and no one likes that.


Tuesday, January 15: The last of the monthly invoices go out for our friends on Monthly Payment Plans. That’s neat.

THURSDAY, JANUARY 17 @ 5PM: PacSet Livestream @Twitch!

We’re back for another round of LiveStream over on our Twitch Channel this Thursday, beginning at 5PM Pacific/8PM Eastern. On tap: Evan joins us to talk trip confirmations, the return of New Tour Thursday, and the 2019 “Lucky Bags” that made the rounds over the new year in Japan.

And that's it! We’ll see you this Thursday for the next livestream!

Weekly UpdateEvan Miller
This Week @ PacSet: Happy New Year!

明けましておめでとう御座います!(Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu) - HAPPY NEW YEAR! Or as the cool kids like to say, “Ake Ome.” It sounds like “ah-kay oh-may.” Feel free to toss a lot of “AYYY” on that last syllable to add extra flavor.


Animated Spring 2019 Final Invoice Delays

We decided to spend our holiday migrating a bunch of data and e-mail between servers, because that’s what responsible people do. Unfortunately, there is a LOT of data - and we don’t really want to send out the final invoices for Animated Spring until everything is done because we don’t want your info vanishing into the internet ether. Once the transition is done and we run a test, invoices will go out and the deadline will be a week later. Sorry for the inconvenience, friends. ;_;


Thursday, 1/10: PACSET AT ANIME LOS ANGELES: PacSet’s own Evan Miller will be hosting a panel about Japan Travel at Noon at the Ontario Doubletree Lake Arrowhead Room. If you are at ALA and have your badge that early, come on out and listen to Evan say cool stuff about visiting Japan!

JAPAN HOLIDAY 2019 FINAL PRICES GO OUT: Yup, this is happening today too. If you want to get that sweet sweet SpotHolder discount, it’s time to jump on it.


Pawprint Pathways is almost closed! If you want to see tons of cute animals and explore Japan in cherry blossom season, this is your LAST chance!


Thank you all for bearing with us as we continue to play catch up. <3

We’ll see you all next week!