PacSet Teams Up With Aitai☆Kuji for Anime Expo 2019!


PacSet is returning to Anime Expo 2019 - but this year, we’re doing things a little differently!

We are proud to announce that we will be sharing a space with our friends at Aitai Kuji! We’ve been friends with the Aitai team for a while now, and getting to work with them on this has been awesome. ^_^

Wondering what we have planned for the con? Read on…

I’m an Aitai Kuji fan - who the heck are you PacSet people?

We are a travel company that arranges travel to Japan! We do trips that feel less like tours and more like random misadventures where you have fun but we take care of the complicated stuff. We also offer a crazy-cheap trip troubleshooting service called Boost, and arrange private trips. More about us here/on this webpage.

We are also great at Karaoke. We rock those mics, friends.

I’m a PacSet fan - who are Aitai Kuji?

Aitai Kuji is a Japan-based company specializing in supplying Anime fans (and others) around the world with the latest and greatest in character goods, plushies, and more. This will be their FIRST Anime Expo, and they are bringing an assortment of goodies imported straight from Japan that will blow your mind. In a good way. :)

Their name comes from Kuji, which some of our alumni might remember from their trip. Kuji are like pull tabs, where you buy a “kuji” from a certain series or show and get a prize as a result. The prizes range from “nice!” to “crazy fancy” but there are never any bad pulls, and all the merch is exclusive.

Are you offering any sales or discounts during the con?


Aitai Kuji will be offering Kuji pulls for $15 from a number of exclusive series Kuji. They’ll also have a ton of just-released stuff available at the show, as well as some other cool extras we’ll announce later, so stay tuned! ^_^

On the PacSet end, we will be offering $50 off any guided adventure - but if you make a purchase with Aitai Kuji, we’ll double it. And yes, if you are an alumni, you can combine that discount with your alumni discount!

ALSO: If you spend $50 or more with Aitai Kuji, you’ll get a free Boost. The boost needs to be used before December 31, but hey - free Japan travel advice! Hawt!

Will you be selling Kippu plushies or other PacSet merch at Anime Expo this year?

No. However, we will be selling our merch on a new site beginning this fall. Stay tuned!