This Week @ PacSet: Kalm Before the Kyushu


You know those weeks where tons of stuff happens? We’ve got announcements, promotions, and a whole lot of other stuff and it’s crazy?

That is not this week. Sorry guys!

This is our full on prep week for Animated Spring (and to a small part, Pawprint Pathways - hey, you can still sign up!) so if you are going on those trips, you’ll hear from us a lot. If you aren’t you…. won’t. BUT:

Next week we’ll be holding a little promotion called Kyushu Week! You can win stuff, get discounts on Kyushu Hideaways and Taste of Shikoku Kyushu, and more! More about that on Monday.

We’ve updated our Luggage Policy and we expect people to have lots of questions, so if you do, please don’t hesitate to e-mail or call.

Also: we’ll be announcing a new trip on Thursday, January 31 during our Livestream! If you’re not following us on Twitch, go do that and join us Thursday, January 31 at 5PM PST/8PM EST for the announcement of our next big adventure.

As for us, we’re heading back to the inbox to follow up with all of our travelers. Stay tuned for more announcements on Monday!

Weekly UpdateEvan Miller