Boost Program Terms

Purchasing “Boost” from PacSet entitles you to the following:

  1. A full review of your own itinerary and a write-up of ways to tweak it to make your trip easier, more affordable, and fun.

  2. An half-hour phone consultation with PacSet staff and assistance with acquiring any extra services you may need in Japan.

  3. Emergency Lodging Assistance if case your accommodations are cancelled.

  4. Trip Troubleshooting, a program designed to to help you avoid common - and uncommon - pitfalls tourists encounter in Japan.

Boost does not include any design of a custom itinerary by us, but that service available for an extra charge.

Emergency Lodging Assistance: If you are using a hotel, minpaku or homestay (including Air B&B), or hostel, we will help you find lodging for a comparable price if for some reason your accommodations are lost. Please let us know as far in advance as possible if you need this service, but if something is cancelled at the last minute, we’ll do our best to help!

Trip Troubleshooting: Let’s say you’ve done your homework about your trip. You know you need to get a rail pass, you know you need to bring a plug adapter for your CPAP machine, and you know you can use T-Mobile’s free data in Japan.

Trip Troubleshooting is when we step in and check all of those details. Using the above example, we’d make sure there isn’t a cheaper rail pass you could use to save money, we’d tell you that if you use distilled water with that CPAP that it’s hard to get in Japan, and we’d warn you that the free data, while awesome, is throttled to 2G and you’ll need a router if you want to stream or watch video.

In other words, just think of Trip Troubleshooting as our way of saving you a lot of headaches, and dealing with problems before you get to Japan - not after.

Purchasing a “Deluxe” program from PacSet entitles you to all of the above and:

  1. Multiple consultations (capped at three) and ten hours of work from PacSet staff to prepare everything

  2. Three itinerary revisions upon request from the customer.

  3. Access to and pricing for an in-person guide for your trip. Guides are NOT covered by the $500 fee and are priced on a case by case basis.

  4. PacSet will book all arrangements on your behalf if you prefer. All payments are subject to the rules of the people we contract with; for example, if we help you get an airline ticket, that ticket is non-refundable if the airline says its non-refundable.

You will receive an estimate with the first consultation so you have an idea of the average cost for your entire trip.

We do not charge you until we give you an estimate. Once that estimate is agreed to and paid, the charge is non-refundable unless PacSet is unable to or unwilling to provide the services paid for.

Deluxe Service Program Terms

How Cost is Calculated +Terms of Use

The cost of an itinerary is based upon three factors:

  1. The length of the trip

  2. The amount of detail required

  3. The time spent on the trip by PacSet staff.

Typically, a ten day trip will only cost the minimum $250 for a Full Service trip. However, if a trip is so detailed that it requires significantly more time, the cost may be more. A good example: we received a request for a 21-night honeymoon trip that was so full of details (the guests wanted to stay busy!) that it took our staff a full week of work to put it together. A project like that would cost more than $250 based on the amount of time involved.

In the rare instance we feel the need to charge extra because a trip has taken more of our time than expected, we will contact you before starting that work.

Why is this package priced this way?

BOOST is a program designed by PacSet to address two problems in the travel industry: 1) a lack of strong resources for the independent traveler and 2) making such services lucrative for the professionals that provide them.

The number of companies in Japan travel that provide help for personal travel has always been low. Typically, this is because there has never been guaranteed compensation for a travel professional when advising a potential customer. Previously, PacSet discontinued our services after a number of customers contacted us for help with long itineraries that we would spend days of work on, only to never receive any compensation. At one point, we estimated that our staff were making 15 cents an hour by working on such programs. In the current economy, that is completely unacceptable. We believe that experienced travel professionals deserve fair compensation. :) This program is our attempt to start bridging that gap. We hope you dig it!

Deluxe is essentially the traditional “Travel Agency” method, where we take care of everything for you. However, we do require some payment in advance, as the proliferation of people signing up for services and not paying for work (see example above) has made such a move required.

Questions? Drop us a line here.