All about being an assistant Guide with pacset!

If you can read this, you have a password to access this stuff, so I’ll cut straight to the chase: thanks for your interest in being a guide for PacSet! A few things have changed since PacSet first started getting outside help, so I’d like to start this out with an intro of what this program is and its goals…


PacSet has two goals with this program:

  1. To eventually get the company to a place where hiring full-time staff is possible.

  2. To reduce the burden of work on the primary guide/trip leader.

What that means: The current structure of PacSet and the clientele we cater to tend to travel in waves, and our busy seasons tend to vary extremely. We believe that the people who help us during the seasons when we are our busiest deserve proper compensation, and so we hope to do this until another full time hire can be made.

Similarly, the expectation of anyone working as an assistant guide is that they work. Every head guide/trip leader in the past has spoken at length about the extreme exhaustion they’ve dealt with, and it has come up in every exit interview with previous hires. Every assistant guide who works for PacSet will be expected to take the group off the trip leader’s hands from time to time, with the expectation that every guide will share the workload to allow everyone a chance to rest.

This is not a free trip to Japan; this is work. So if you’re ready to roll up your sleeves, read on for details!