How Flights work on Guided Adventures

Getting to Japan can be a little complicated, and we’ll be honest - it’s one of those things that we get a lot of questions about. Here’s a quick rundown on how flights work on our guided adventures.

Meet the group in Japan (“Land Only”)

This means you are purchasing just the trip, without a flight. This means you intend to fly to Japan by yourself and meet the group there.

When you fly to Japan on your own, some things to keep in mind:

  1. We will meet your plane if we can. Note that in certain cases this may not be possible depending on the size of the trip, number of guides and so forth. If this isn’t possible, we’ll help you make it to the hotel and meet us there.

  2. Remember that you will probably lose a day flying to Japan (in other words, you’ll arrive one day after you depart). Make sure you schedule your flights accordingly!

  3. If you want to arrive early/stay late and want to get into our hotel/lodging early, let us know; we are typically able to add nights to your stay for a reasonable charge.

  4. Don’t buy a flight until your Adventure is confirmed.


Meet the group in the USA (“Flight Included”)

If you like, you can travel with part of the group (and sometimes a guide) to Japan from an airport in the USA to begin the trip. Typically our groups meet at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), but some groups have also departed from other airports; check the Adventure you are booking for more information.

Some things to keep in mind about this option:

  1. ALL LISTED PRICES ARE ESTIMATES unless stated otherwise.

  2. The final price for the flight will be announced when the numbers of group travelers exceeds ten.

  3. There are no special extras or benefits to flying with us to Japan; we simply offer the option since many of our guests like to meet the group before entering Japan.

  4. Due to airline policies, seat upgrades cannot be made after the trip deadline or at the airport. If you want to sit in a nicer seat (“Economy Plus”, “Business Class” etc.), you must let us know when you book.

  5. If you want to delay your return home, let us know; it can usually be done at little or no charge.


Have us help you find a flight (“Flight Assist”)

We help you find the cheapest flight! Isn’t that cool?

Stuff to keep in mind here:

  1. We will help you find a flight, but we will send you to the airline to book it. This saves you money, trust us. :)

  2. Give us as much detail as possible when you submit your request. We want to make sure you nab the best flight you can!

  3. Don’t book before the Adventure is confirmed!