Deluxe/Custom Trip

What Deluxe Includes:

  • Everything from the Boost level, and:

  • Multiple consultations with PacSet staff to set up a comprehensive journey for you or a small group

  • “One Invoice, One Trip” service, where we will handle all reservations, flights, and other arrangements for you*

  • The ability to set up a private, customized trip with a full-time guide.

Deluxe is PacSet’s traditional “travel agency”-style trip, where we handle all arrangements, planning, and payments on the behalf of you, the customer. The cheapest this can be is $500, but the price varies considerably depending on which services you want us to include, such as flights, a guide, hotels, and rail passes. If you are planning a private trip for a group of friends, or if you just want to handle everything, this is the way to go! For more details, please view the full terms here.

As Deluxe is a full service program, YOU WILL NOT BE INVOICED/CHARGED UNTIL YOU HEAR FROM PACSET. Fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you with a series of options for how to make your dream journey a reality!

*These charges are separate from fees paid to PacSet for itineraries and setting up travel arrangements.


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When will your trip start?
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