Autumn in the City 2019

NOTE: The itinerary you see here is subject to adjustments and changes at the discretion of the guides (if needed).


DAY 1-2: Tower time

Upon arrival in Tokyo, we’ll head to our hotel and get settled in. In the evening, you can chill at the hotel or join your guide for a visit to the observation deck of Tokyo Tower!
Optional: Tokyo Tower $15

Day 3: To sail, to soar, to the store

We begin the day on the futuristic Hotaluna ferry boat, designed by anime legend Leiji Matsumoto, for a gorgeous ride across the bay to Odaiba! When we get there, you’ll have the chance to see the brand new Gundam UC robot and Gundam store, or hit Sega Joypolis, where you can play the latest arcade marvels and ride virtual 3D rides! After lunch, we travel to the Sunshine City mall in Ikebukuro. Around here, you can visit theme parks for popular manga characters, chill at a local cat cafe, browse the fangirl-centric Otome Road (hi ladies!), or sample fancy desserts at countless cake shops near the station. In the evening, we’ll hit the Ikegami neighborhood for their yearly festival, the amazing Oeshiki!



Day 4: Shrine, Shop, sail

We begin our day at Meiji Jingu Shrine, Tokyo’s iconic forest shrine dedicated to the Meiji Emperor. After making wishes and taking in the sights, we’ll head to Harajuku, Tokyo’s center of counterculture. Shop for kitschy souvenirs, try on odd fashions, peruse art galleries, or just take it easy at some of Tokyo’s finest cafes. In the afternoon, you have a choice: join a guide for a trek to the anime merch closet that is Nakano Broadway, or check out the music stores and street art in Shibuya. If all this urban exploring has you feeling like a nice dinner out, join us for a special multi-course Tempura dinner cruise on Tokyo Bay, complete with bottomless drinks!
Optional: Yakatabune Dinner Cruise $105

Day 5: The Neon Forest

After a breakfast stop, we’ll begin our day at the Ghibli Museum, where you can explore the history of the iconic studio’s masterworks, see exclusive anime shorts, and even meet a giant robot! Then, it’s off to the mecca of all things Anime, Akihabara! Join the guides for shopping or go on your own – it’s up to you. You’ll also have the chance to join us for a visit to our favorite Maid Café for dessert!
Optional: Maid Café $45

day 6: Free day

Today is a free day for you to explore Tokyo! Your guides will be on hand the night before to help you plan your day out on the town.



Day 7: the land of miso katsu

It’s time to bid farewell to Tokyo, but our adventures are just beginning! Today we cross to the Tokai region’s main metropolis, Nagoya! The park for the 2005 World Expo is our first stop, where we’ll get to tour a full replica of Satsuki and Mei’s home from My Neighbor Totoro. After wandering among the trees, we’ll roar back into the city and the friendly Osu-dori area. Check out weird shops, nibble on street food, or play in the arcades before we find dinner and marvel at the station-front city lights.

Day 8: The Gold and the Wind

After leaving Nagoya, we get to Kyoto for our first day in Japan’s traditional capitol! You’ll visit the famed golden pavilion, Kinkakuji, before we ride a local tram up to Arashiyama. Renowned for its beauty and scenery, you’ll get to see the area from three angles: the calming tatami mat rooms of Tenryuji Temple, the famous bamboo forests, and finally a boat on the river in the center of town. Want to explore more? No worries – you’ll get plenty of exploring time before we head back to the hotel.



Day 9: A Tea by any other flavor

Our Kyoto adventure continues along the aqueduct that leads to one of the city’s underexplored gems, Nanzenji Temple. Venture inside the temple to try a little tea and experience the tranquility of a zen rock garden. Oh, and did we mention you can explore the inside of the temple’s massive gate? After exploring, we cross Kansai to the city of Kobe! Check out the views from the city’s mountainside herb garden before we wind our way out of the mountains to Sannomiya, Kobe’s bustling market area where you’ll be able to finish any last minute shopping (or just take a break in one of the area’s famous cafes). 

Day 10: Dive into Osaka

Osaka is our last Kansai stop, and it’s a great one! Start with a visit to the reconstructed Osaka Castle to learn about the area’s history before we ride to the center of the city, Namba! Try the area’s famous okonomiyaki, eat the legendary fluffy cheesecakes and tarts, and check out the view from the Dotombori Bridge. Need to relax at the end of your journey? Join us for a visit to Osaka’s massive “onsen theme park”, Spa World!
Optional: Spa World $20
***NO TATTOOS ARE ALLOWED AT SPA WORLD. Please notify us if you have a tattoo and want to sign up for this option.

day 11: Return home

Return home to tell your friends how much fun you had!