Gamer Heaven 2019

Gamer Heaven 2019


September 13/14-24, 2019*

Walk from the history of gaming into the future on a trip through the Tokyo Game Show, neon arcades, and the best of the Kanto Area.

Price: Starts @ $2,795 - You only pay the deposit at the time of purchase.
See full description for price list and other extras.
*Start Date is date of departure from North America; trip starts in Japan on 9/14.

Destinations: TOKYO • CHIBA • YOKOHAMA • IKAHO ONSEN + more

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Trip Prices + Info

Los Angeles, CA USA

$2,795 (Full Trip)
Single Room: +$1,000
+$1,000 for R/T group flight from Los Angeles (ESTIMATED)

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All adventures include:

All accommodations, transport in Japan* • and admission to activities • A professional guide for the entire scheduled trip! • Concierge and turndown services to make your trip uniquely yours • Custom flight options (for an extra cost) • Much more!

*Rail/Bus transit that is not on the itinerary may cost extra in some cases.


Gamer Heaven is Back!

Sure there are lots of folks that can take you to the Tokyo Game Show and show you around Tokyo. Here at PacSet, we STILL believe that the gamers of the world deserve a different kind of experience – one that includes game-themed restaurants and hangouts, a look at the history of how the whole game scene got started, and a tour structure that focuses on hanging out with friends… even if that hanging out involves smack talk and maybe the occasional thrown controller.

On Gamer Heaven, the Tokyo Game Show is just the tip of the iceberg. We’ll be visiting countless game centers and arcades, shop for both new and retro gaming goodies, visit three – yes, three – video game-themed bars and restaurants, and visit the historical roots of gaming in Japan in Ikaho Onsen, where old school “game centers” share space with game-friendly spots and the scenery that inspired Initial-D. Along the way, we’ll be holding game tournaments at special sites across the city, where you’ll battle your fellow tour participants for the chance to win some very unique prizes from the world of gaming.

Need to switch the TV off for a little bit? No stress, friends; we’ll also be checking out Tokyo’s burgeoning board game scene as we criss-cross the Kanto area.

So fill your pockets with 100 yen coins and grab that passport – an unforgettable tour (and tournament) awaits!