Best of Japan 2019

Best of Japan 2019


July 10-22, 2019

Experience the flavors, fireworks, and fun of Japan’s largest festival and so much more on our dive into Japan’s best summer activities.

Price: Starts @ $3,250 - You only pay the deposit at the time of purchase.
See full description for price list and other extras.


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Trip Prices + Info

Los Angeles, CA USA

$3,250 (Full Trip)
Maiko Henshin Photoshoot: $145
Universal Studios Japan $75
Yakatabune Dinner Cruise: $105

Single Room: +$1,000 (no singles in Yamashiro)
+$1,500 for R/T group flight from Los Angeles (ESTIMATED)

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All adventures include:

All accommodations, transport in Japan* • and admission to activities • A professional guide for the entire scheduled trip! • Concierge and turndown services to make your trip uniquely yours • Custom flight options (for an extra cost) • Much more!

*Rail/Bus transit that is not on the itinerary may cost extra in some cases.


Best Summer Vacation Ever? Yeah, pretty much.

From fireworks and floats to towering lanterns and temple ninjas, Best of Japan combines Japan’s most popular cities with some of the year’s best festivals on an itinerary for any traveler. You’ll experience off-the-beaten-path exploring, urban shopping enclaves, and relaxing hot springs. No matter what brings you to Japan, Best of Japan is designed to help you do it all.

Comprehensive – yet customizable.

Redesigned for every kind of traveler, every step of Best of Japan is flexible to accommodate you, your family, and whoever else comes along. Besides, there’s so much to see – and our job is to make sure you do more seeing than stressing.

What do we mean? In Tokyo, you’ll learn how to make soba noodles, but then you can choose to shop for anime goodies in Akihabara or check out the “kitchen neighborhood” of Kappabashi. We’ll also have a dinner party with some friendly local sports fans, shop across Harajuku, and much, much more. 

In Kansai, you can choose to ascend the steps of Fushimi Inari Shrine, or take it easy at the area’s finest cafes. Not sure what to do in Osaka between the famous cuisine, amazing city views, and Pokemon Center? Do all three – we’ll make it happen. Of course, you won’t want to miss the floats and festivities of the Gion Festival -– one of Japan’s largest and beloved by our alumni. 

Finally, we head to the Japan Sea coast to see the breathtaking gardens and traditional sites of Kanazawa. You’ll be staying at a hot spring (onsen) resort, so you’ll have plenty of time to relax, swim, and sample local cuisine before we return to Tokyo for a free day there -– and an awe-inspiring fireworks display at the Adachi Ward Fireworks!

From the city to the country and back, there’s no better way to experience Japan in the summer. So grab that sunscreen and prepare for an adventure you’ll never forget!