ANN in Japan 2020

ANN in Japan 2020

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September 30/October 1-October 12, 2020*

Anime News Network and PacSet proudly present an anime-themed journey unlike anything you’ve ever seen!

Price: Estimated $2,995 - You only pay for the SpotHolder deposit at the time of purchase.
A group flight will be available from Los Angeles, CA; final flight prices will be announced November 15, 2019.
See full description for price list and other extras.
*Start Date is date of departure from North America; trip starts in Japan on 10/1.



Trip Prices + Info

Los Angeles, CA USA

$2,995 (estimated; final price announced 11/19)
Single Room: +$1000

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All adventures include:

All accommodations, transport in Japan* • and admission to activities • A professional guide for the entire scheduled trip! • Concierge and turndown services to make your trip uniquely yours • Custom flight options (for an extra cost) • Much more!

*Rail/Bus transit that is not on the itinerary may cost extra in some cases.

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Experience an Anime adventure that goes way beyond the expected - all in the company of ANN columnists and the best team in Japan travel!

No two anime fans are the same; our interests are as varied as the shows we watch and the fandoms we call ours. Which is why PacSet has partnered with Anime News Network to bring you a trip based on a simple philosophy: if you’re going to go to Japan, seeing the places that inspired the anime medium along with the places that are inspired by them can make for a truly unique journey. Anyone can head to Tokyo to shop, but our trip will also bring us way out of the city on an itinerary that is remarkably customizable and personal.

As you’d expect, legendary favorites like the Ghibli Museum, Akihabara, and Nakano Broadway will be featured during our time in Tokyo. Aside from the chances to shop, we’ll also offer a number of mini-side trips for people who want to shop a little less. Check out the Tokiwaso Memorial to the manga legends who called the Ikebukuro area home, dive into the back alleys of Shibuya, and kanpai with locals and your fellow travelers over a fabulous Izakaya dinner. You’ll also have a full free day and extra time to explore, shop, and more.

However, the best part of our journey lies in the unexpected. We’ll be hitting a university festival to see concerts, art displays and snack on fabulous festival food - which we’ll also get to experience in a different light at the 600+ year old Oeshiki Festival. We’re going to walk among the landscapes that inspired the look of Ghibli films, visit the hometown of Kamen Rider creator Ishinomori Shotaro, and drop into an anime studio created to help people affected by the 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami. We’ll cook, soak, and take in a variety of experiences off the beaten path that will not only leave an impression, but also take you into a piece of anime history.

On top of all that, we’ll be joined by some of ANN’s columnists and writers, giving you the chance to travel with some of the best anime content writers on the planet!

This trip is only happening once, so don’t miss out! Sign up today and join ANN and PacSet for an adventure you’ll never forget!