One Hundred Years of Yuri 2019

One Hundred Years of Yuri 2019


September 8/9-17, 2019*

An unforgettable celebration of the history of Yuri and the sites that inspire them, designed by fans for fans on the 100th anniversary of the genre!

Price: Starts @ $2,795 - You only pay the deposit at the time of purchase.
See full description for price list and other extras.
*Start Date is date of departure from North America; trip starts in Japan on 9/9.

Destinations: TOKYO • KAMAKURA • ENOSHIMA + more

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Trip Prices + Info

Los Angeles, CA USA

$2,795 (Full Trip)
Single Room: +$800 (TOKYO ONLY)
+$900 for R/T group flight from Los Angeles (CONFIRMED)

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All adventures include:

All accommodations, transport in Japan* • and admission to activities • A professional guide for the entire scheduled trip! • Concierge and turndown services to make your trip uniquely yours • Custom flight options (for an extra cost) • Much more!

*Rail/Bus transit that is not on the itinerary may cost extra in some cases.


PacSet teams with Yuricon to bring you a one-of-a-kind trip to Japan’s Kanto region!

Designed and run by PacSet’s Evan Miller and Yuri manga authority Erica Friedman, 100 Years of Yuri is a once-in-a-lifetime offering designed for fans of lesbian images in Japanese animation and comics!

In Tokyo, we’ll criss-cross the city to shop the spots beloved to Yuri fans from all over the world, such as Ikebukuro, Akihabara, and Shibuya - but that’s just the tip of the iceberg! We’ll visit the shrine that inspired Rei’s from Sailor Moon, admire classical lesbian media at the Yayoi/Yumeji Museums, and even join the locals for the raucous Akasaka Hikawa Festival.

Need a little more? We’ll also be heading to the Shonan coastline to Kamakura, where we’ll visit shrines, temples, and the home of lesbian literature pioneer Yoshiya Nobuko. Afterwards, we’ll kick back in at a fancy hot spring resort near Enoshima, which features prominently in the Yuri masterwork Aoi Hana. To finish the adventure, we’ll attend the Girl’s Love Fest to get the latest in Yuri manga/doujinshi and to meet local fans!

Whether you are new to the Yuri genre or a dedicated follower, we can promise that you’ll have a great time and make lots of friends along the way! Sign up today and get ready for a truly special celebration!